BSTC Vision Statement

Beth Shalom Temple Center's vision is to be the Jewish religious and social center in Green Valley and its environs open to all people as the place to come to find inspiration, camaraderie and spiritual comfort.


BSTC Mission Statement

Beth Shalom Temple Center's mission is to link its members to Jewish history, ethics and values through social and religious programming, to engender a sense of family and community, to represent its interests to the larger community, and to partner with others who share common goals.



Your generous donor gift shall be allocated to funding the following


Support Community Programs: Your donation helps fund essential community programs, such as educational classes, cultural events, and social gatherings, fostering a vibrant Jewish life.


Expand Outreach Efforts: Support outreach initiatives that connect with and support Jews in the wider community, including those who may be isolated or in need.


Promote Inclusivity: Your donation helps create programs and facilities that are accessible and inclusive, catering to the diverse needs of the Jewish community.


Promote Interfaith Dialogue: Support initiatives that promote understanding and cooperation between the Jewish community and other religious and cultural groups.


Create Lasting Impact: Your donation leaves a lasting legacy, contributing to the sustainability and growth of the temple for many years to come.


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