Family History of Les Bakke

From Europe to the United States


Bakke and Gast Families




European History

    From Norway

    From Germany


US History



Family Veterans


Churches and Cemeteries
















  To find other family members, click on the highlighted letter to get to an index of individuals whose birth last name starts with that letter.  For instance, clicking on the A will get you to a list of individuals whose last name starts with an A.
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The following table includes a listing of Kristendtr family members, their spouse(s), their parental family and date of update.

Family Member Spouse Family Member Parents Updated
Kristiandtr, Agneta Bakke, Peder Nilson, Kristen and Marta Olsdtr 14 Feb 2021
Kristiandtr, Mathea Olsen, Johan Nilson, Kristen and Marta Olsdtr  




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