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  • 4th Grade
    4th Grade
  • 1964 US Air Force
    1964 US Air Force
  • 2008 MSUM
    2008 MSUM
  • 2017 Retirement
    2017 Retirement
  • 4th Grade
  • 1964 US Air Force
  • 2008 MSUM
  • 2017 Retirement


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Bakke Family Members Who Are Veterans

The Veterans on this page are descendants or married to descendants of Peter Bakke. Peter Bakke migrated from Norway in 1885 and settled in Marsh Grove township of Marshall county, Minnesota. His wife Agnetta came to Minnesota in 1887 and they were married in Warren, MN the county seat of Marshall county. Following the ceremony, they walked to their homestead and for several years lived in a sod house. After a tornado destroyed part of the sod house, they built a regular house which still stands on the homestead. In order of appearance in the video, the Veterans are:

Adolph Bakke, US Army, WWI, son of Peter Click Here

Robert (Bob) Bakke, US Army, grandson of Peter

Arvin (Pete) Bakke, US Army, grandson of Peter

Lester (Les) Bakke, US Air Force, grandson of Peter - For His Story, Click Here

Aubrey (Al) Lopp, career US Navy, married to Minnie Bakke, daughter of Peter, Click Here

Chester Gast, US Army WWII, brother of Alice Gast, Adolph’s wife

David (Dave) Johnson, US Navy, great grandson of Peter

Harold Johnson, US Army WWII, married to Avis Bakke, granddaughter of Peter, Click Here

Melvin Mattson, US Army, married to Avis Bakke after Harold’s death, granddaughter of Peter

Arthur Lewis, US Navy, married to Amanda Bakke, daughter of Peter

Lawrence Lyle, US Navy, Married to Bernice Nordlie, granddaughter of Peter

Bertil S Larson, US Army, great nephew of Peder, grandson of Andrew Bakke Click Here

David A Larson, US Army, son of above Bertil S Larson - Click Here

Ervind Strandberg, US Army, father of Heidi who married Larry Bakke, grandson of Peter, Click Here






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