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Recordings of Past Presentations

With our presenters permission, we recorded our Zoom presentations and they are available for replay by clicking on the topic in the following list.

Date Presenteer Topic Comments
30 March 2022 Gudmundson and Berniger What Place is This?    
2 March 2022 Bart Hillyer US Military Justice    
23 February 2022 Dr Fariba Donovan Valley Fever Presentation    
16 February 2022 Jane Noah Ten Typical PI Cases    
9 February 2022 Border Community Alliance What is the Border Community Alliance? We had some sound issues for the first few minutes, it gets better
5 January 2022 Sam Wai Thomas Jefferson and Wine Supporting Document on Wine - Click Here  
1 December 2021 Don Berk Science of Armageddon
3 August 2021 Les Bakke Veterans Stories from WWII
31 March 2021 Sam Wai Wine, the White House and the Presidents    
24 March 2021 Becky Barnes Searching for Sea Monsters in the Inland Sea    
17 March 2021 Jeremy Carney St. Patrick's Day    
10 March 2021 Jaye-Lyn Trapp Do You Hear What I See? No recording, against Museum policy.  
3 March 2021 Leah Roethel Nutrition for Healthy Aging Slides available by Click here  
24 Feb 2021 Sandy Reith Learn Your Local Lizards Additional References - Click here  
17 Feb 2021 Dave Smith Winterkeeping in the Yellowstone    
10 Feb 2021 Alyson Ball State of US Immigration Slides available by clicking here.
3 Feb 2021 David Fitzsimmons Political Cartoon Artist    
27 Jan 2021 Susie Heintz Picasso No recording, against Museum policy.  
20 Jan 2021 Les Bakke Mountain Men of the US    
13 Jan 2021 Ed Storey Arizona Desert Images that Tell a Story    
6 Jan 2021 Les Bakke Learning Your Family History Slides available by clicking here.  
23 Dec 2020 Les Bakke Christmas Stories from WW I and WW II    
16 Dec 2020 Alyson Ball What is Happening at our Southern Border Slides available upon request.  
9 Dec 2020 Rabbi Norm Roman What is Hanukkah? We lost Internet near the end of the Q and A.
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