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Date Title Author/Source Comments/Venue
Jan 2024 Shifting Realities at the US-Mexico Border  Ariel G. Ruiz Soto, Colleen Putzel-Kavanaugh and Doris Meissner
Migration Policy Institute
27 Dec 2023 Want to Solve the Border Crisis? Legalize Immigration David J. Bier Daily Beast/CATO Institude
14 Dec 2023 There is No National Security without Asylum Jenn Budd, Former Senior Patrol Agent turned immigration rights and Border Patrol accountability activist  
11 Dec 2023 The Climate Refugees of Honduras Kevin Clarke America, The Jesuit Review
6 Dec 2023

Trade policy can boost Central American economies and reduce unauthorized migration

Jenny Villatoro The Dallas Morning News
3 Feb 2022 Room to Grow: One Year Later   A short report from the National Immigration Forum about why the US needs immigrants to maintain population growth to provide workers to maintain our economy and provide jobs for the coming generations
11 Feb 2022 US Immigration System - A living hell (North American Congress of Latin America – NACLA) A historical and contemporary look at migrant incarceration and the detainees pushing for change inside and beyond the system
2022 Freedom's Beacon Dims: A Guide to being a Refugee in 2022 Mo Goldman Tucson Sentinel
10 Feb  2019 Where Dreams Die in the Arizona Desert Alvaro Enciso Features Arizona artist Alvaro Enciso, who places homemade wooden crosses where human remains were found
5 Feb 2019 Desperation on the Arizona-Mexico border and the gap between politics and reality Michael Sangiacomo The Plain Dealer










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