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Date Presenter Title Comments/Venue/Creator
May 2024 Barb Lemmon Their Wild and Precious Lives on the Border  
January 2024 Alex Nowrasteh, Economist Senate Testimony: Hearing on Immigration 32 minutes - an economist's view of the US immigration situation and solutions
17 Jan 2024 Robert Reich Republicans are LYING about immigrants and the border
5 immigration myths debunked

27 Dec 2023 Alyson Ball What is Happening at the US/MX border? GVR Forum Club
18 Dec 2023 Jorge Torres The Border Wall and Arizona Wildlife The non-profit organization "Sky Island Alliance" has noticed changes in the migration patterns of larger animals due in part, they say, to the expanded border wall.
1 Nov 2023 Shannon Gleeson and Chiara Galli Seeking Asylum, The Human Tolll of the US Immigration Bureaucracy Join Shannon Gleeson from the Cornell University ILR School for an engaged dialogue with Chiara Galli, author of “Precarious Protections: Unaccompanied Minors Seeking Asylum in the United States.” Dr. Galli will discuss the formidable challenges that unaccompanied Central American immigrant youth navigate in the U.S. asylum process as well as the human toll of the U.S. immigration bureaucracy.
4 Oct 2023 Alyson Ball US Immigration and the US/MX Border Greater Charlotesville's Welcome Week Celebration
July 2023 Dora Rodigues I Survived 5 Days in one of the US's Deadliest Deserts
Dora Rodriguez's near-death migration story kicked off the Sanctuary Movement in the 1980's in the US.
22 Apr 2023 Vicki Gaubeca Southern Border Communities Collalition AZ Immigration Alliance
April 2023  

9 minute video about Frontera de Cristo 
Presebyterian Ministry in Douglas, Arizona and Agua Prieta, Sonora
Week-long visits and Cafe Justo (Chiapas coffee)
24 Feb 2023 Tom Cartwright Presentation to AZ Immigration Alliance  
11 Feb 2023 John Fife State of Immigration Today and Prospects  AZ Immigration Alliance
28 Jan 2023 Alyson Ball Border and Immigration Issues Green Valley Democrats
Early 2023 Daniel Lombroso American Scar: The Environmental Tragedy of the Border Wall The New Yorker Documentary
2023 John Kurc Follow The John; his Videos Go to John's YouTube Channel and see various videos from his travels on the border
2022   A Wall runs Through It Video by Trilce Estrada Olvera, Makepeace Sitlhou and Hakob Karapetyan
2022 PBS Missing in Brooks County Two families search for their lost loved ones after crossing the Mexico – US boundary. An Independent Lens documentary that highlights the crisis of migrant deaths in South Texas.
24 Sep 2021   Oh Mercy - Searching for Hope in the Promised Land This video (12 minutes), made by Worldwide Documentaries, discusses the plight of migrants stuck in Northern Mexico - in the Matamoros Camp - featuring Sister Norma Price as the result of Title 42 and the Migrant Protection Protocol (Remain in Mexico)
26 March 2021 Cyndi Tuell Borderlands Environmental Impacts of Border Walls and Smart Borders Sierra Club Action Team Meeting
26 March 2021 Ryan Devereaux DHS, Arms Sales, and US Journalist Arrests Immigration Action Team Meeting
2021   The Human Cost of Hardening the US-Mexico Border  
2021 Gail Emrick A Story of Migration: My Tale of Two Cities  







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