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The AZ Immigration Alliance (AZIA) is located in Green Valley, Arizona, about 37 miles from the Mexican border.  We work to inform ourselves and others on issues affecting immigrants and immigration particularly in the Southern Arizona borderlands, maintaining a special focus on families and children.  We use our knowledge of policy and politics to influence legislation that could improve immigrants’ lives, now and in the future. Most AZIA members work with allied groups and organizations. Therefore, we are able to maximize the potential for collaboration.


The AZ Immigration Alliance (AZIA) was previously the a4a Immigration Action Group.

The alliance4action (a4a) was a citizens’ activist group created in November 2016 and based in Green Valley, Arizona.  A4a was created by the leadership of changeishappening! (cih!) and the Democratic Club of the Santa Rita Area (DCSRA). About 40 people, including leaders of several local organizations including faith-based ones, attended the first meeting. Its membership grew steadily over the years.

Action groups were formed to address specific issues. One of these was Immigration. The a4a Immigration Action Group has been active since 2016 with its membership continuing to grow. As of the beginning of 2022 with the decision to discontinue the alliance4action, it is a stand-alone group with the same mission.






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